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Huajun Crafts Products Factory Limited. Was established in October 2005, is a company specializing in the production of LED products factory, the product best-selling domestic and foreign markets. In addition to replace the traditional lighting system, LED more become consumers become decoration and urban greening and energy conservation and environmental protection of new products.
HuaJun products include:
Outdoor products: LED lamp, LED road signs, road foundation, park chairs and tables, fence, garden flower POTS, LED the trash, LED floor brick, LED a zebra crossing, etc.
Indoor products: table, chair, sofa, LED LED LED fruit tray, wine cabinets, ice bucket, dancing, and so on.
The company has a professional team, from the "product development, parts supply, professional production lines, professional quality" four key process cengcengbaguan, perfecting quality supervision system. We adhere to "quality, and the ?
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