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LED Table lamp

LED Table lamp


Model: HJ30126D

Size: 40*40*78CM
Product housing universal color; white
Product shell can be customized color; red yellow blue green white purple black
[Light source type]: RGB5050+W LED light; lamp brand; Taiwan wafer.
[Light color]: 7 colors, can be customized for a single color.
[General function]: Colorful cycle color change, can be customized charging or in-line, can be remotely fixed color (16 colors optional), can adjust the brightness of the light, the speed of the flashing speed and so on.
[Customize more functions]: DMX function Voice control function Wifi function Touch;
【Product Features】
 1. Low-carbon product, the shell is molded by rotomolding process, using high-quality PE material, environmental protection, high temperature resistance 110-240 °C, fireproof, UV protection (8 grade) high toughness (bearing weight 300-1200kg) according to the product
It is fixed, not deformed, not easy to be broken, withstand voltage, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
  2. Environmentally friendly power supply, powered by a high-temperature, explosion-proof aluminum film rechargeable lithium battery, convenient and safe, energy saving and environmental protection
 3. Use high-bright RGB led lamp bead, low voltage (with battery series 5v, in-line series product is 12v, input voltage 110, output voltage; 220; energy saving, environmental protection, long service life (50000-
80,000 hours).
 4. Good transparency, red, green, yellow, blue, purple, blue, white and other monochrome display, such as fantasy colorful gradient, soft light, with fixed color function, there are four automatic flash modes to choose from. Remote control
The buttons are controlled to achieve different lighting effects, and you can choose the favorite color and the advanced visual enjoyment to bring you different feelings and add colorful colors.
 5. Wide range of uses, novel styles, and eye-catching.
[Use occasions]
 1. Can be used in various shops, supermarkets, factories, commercial buildings, eye-catching, high-end aesthetic, persona


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